Required Deposits Per Person

Tours priced less than $500 - Full Payment
Tours priced $500 or more - $500 Deposit

Room Classifications

Single................. One person/ One bed
Double................ Two person/ Two beds (Couples may request 1 King Bed- cannot guarantee)
Triple.................. Three person/ Two beds
Quad.................. Four persons/ Two beds


Sturdy luggage should be used for group handling. Luggage is limited to one large bag per person (40 lbs maximum) Please no oversized/extra large bags. Remember, if you can fit in it, then think of the drivers and hotel staff. Suitcases seem to be getting larger and heavier. Bell staff at hotels can refuse to handle bags that are heavier than normal. We have limited luggage space inside and underneath the coach. The bag will be delivered to your hotel room upon arrival and picked up the morning of your departure. While great care is taken to handle your luggage carefully, we cannot assume liability or accept claims for damage. One small flexible carry on is allowed in the luggage bay near the coach entrance. These items can only be accessed by the driver upon arrival at the day's final destination at the end of the day. Drivers will not be responsible for bringing these items to your room or providing access to these bags until the end of the day. Each carry on is solely under the daily care of the passenger, therefore, it is to your advantage to make it as small as possible.

Final Payment on Motorcoach Tours

Final payment is due no later than 60 days prior to departure. Mark this date on your calendar. You will not be billed!

Final Payment on Air or Cruise Tours

Final payment is due 90 days prior to depature. YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED! Because of strict deposit, final payment, and cancellation structure of cruise lines, airlines, and international companies, we highly recommend trip cancellation trip insurance. Each individual itinerary will say if it has been included- if not, contact the office for information regarding the purchase of cancellation insurance.

Method of Payment

Knoxville Tours accepts payment on all tours in form of cash, personal check, or by debit/credit card.

Credit Cards

For your convenience, we accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Refund Policy Motorcoach Tours

Refund Policy:
A full refund will be made on all tour cancelations 60 days or more prior to departure, with the exception of those tours requiring advance non-refundable purchases, i.e. event tickets. In that event, you would still be refunded for your tour, minus any purchases where Knoxville Tours is unable to receive a refund. Any tour cancelations or changes WITHIN 60 DAYS of departure will only result in a refund to the extent that your travel protection insurance plan provides a refund (assuming you purchase a travel protection insurance plan.)

We reserve the right to alter our refund and cancellation policy due to events beyond our control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lockouts, revolts, wars, natural or man-made disasters, government actions, fires, closure of airport or hotels or technical problems of transport. We reserve the right to refuse or discharge anyone we feel would be disruptive to the trip or harmful to themselves or others. Any expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the traveler and no refund will be given.

Roommate Cancelation policy:
When a roommate(s) cancels prior to the cancelation penalty date, the remaining person(s) will be charged the applicable accommodation rate for the number of persons occupying the room. For example, if you paid at the double rate and your roommate cancels, you would be responsible for paying the increase of a single rate. NO SHOWS WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND. In addition, refunds ARE NOT given for tour attractions, meals, etc., where an individual chooses not to participate. Lastly, refunds are made once a month - normally at the end of the month.

Refund Policy for Fly, Rail, Cruise, or International Tours

Please check back for an update.

Credit Card Refunds

"Cash" refunds are not given on a credit card transaction. The refund must be credited back to your card account.


Smoking is not allowed on motorcoaches, mini-buses, vans, or trains. Also, many hotels, resturaunts, and other venues are 100% smoke free. Smoking in a non-smoking room or facility will result in a clean-up fee charged to the guest and in some instances a fine assessed of up to $350 per room depending on the hotel's policy.

On the Motorcoach Courtesies

Punctuality is extremely important when traveling with a group. Each person must be seated before the coach can proceed. We request that you always remain seated during city driving for your personal safety. Our motorcoaches are equipped with a restroom for emergency use, as we make frequent stops allowing the opportunity to use public restrooms and/or stretch your legs.

Cell Phones

Please limit cell phone use to breaks, stops, or emergency. It is very difficult for tour directors, drivers, or step on guides to talk over cell phone users when addressing passengers on the motorcoaches.

Special Requests

Requests such as nonsmoking or smoking rooms, king-sized bed, side by side rooms, dietary requirements, handicap room, lower level room, or travel on the motorcoach as friends, are usually not a problem. To help us meet the request, please make them when booking or at least 45 days prior to departure. We always request non-smoking rooms unless notified of smoking room requests. Please be aware that more and more hotels are changing over to non-smoking facility. The tour director will share info with you along the way.

Waiting Lists

We take waiting lists on all tours since we do have frequent cancellations. Due to the demand for certain tours which vary from year to year, some tours fill up faster than others. In fact, some tours sell out within weeks of the time our catalog is distributed so we recommend that you make reservations early. If the tour you request is filled, go ahead and send in your deposit. You will then be confirmed on our waiting list as soon as we have cancellation, we automatically place you on the trip and notify you. Deposit is required to place you on the waiting list.

Tour Prices

All prices are based on rates (including foreign exchange rates) known at the time of printing. Prices including taxes and fees, are subject to increase without notice, if such rates change prior to departure. If the total price increases by more than 10%, you may cancel within 7 days after we notify you of the increase. We reserve the right to recover from you increases in airline or transportation imposed fuel surcharges and in taxes, charges, or levies imposed by any government or its agencies up to and including the first day of travel.

Tour Price Does Not Include

All expected tipping in included to luggage porters, bellmen, doormen, and dining room waiters for meals that are included. The traditional end of trip gratuity to your tour director and driver is NOT included. It should be extended on an individual basis and not as a group at the end of tour. The amount per person is at your discretion. Suggested $2-$4 per person per day for the driver and $2-$4 per person per day for the tour director.

Gratuities for international tours and cruises: On all international tours and cruises you will be given guidelines for expected tipping. Gratuities for step on tour guides to be extended on individual basis.

Meals: Other than meals stated in the itinerary . Most hotels suggest that you give the breakfast attendant gratuity when there is a continental and full breakfast served.

Personal: Valet and room service, telephone calls, and all other items of personal nature. Any additional expenses incurred due to flight or cancellation, weather conditions, political closures, technical faults, etc.

Family Plan or Children's Rate

A special rate is given for children under the age of 15 when traveling and sharing a room with two adults. Half-fare does not apply to one day trips or tours with air, rail, or cruise included. We do not recommend motorcoach tours for children under 7.

Single Rooms

A limited number of single rooms are available at the single price shown for each tour. Anytime the coach is filled, singles will have a seat mate unless you wish to pay double for two seats.

Share Room/ Double

If you are traveling alone but prefer to share with another, we will try to work out congenial rooming arrangements. If a single room must be assigned due to your roommates cancelling, incompatibility or for any other reason (even at the last moment or while on tour) we must out of necessity charge you the single rate or prorate thereof since hotels make no allowances. In many instances the single and double room rate is the same. Couples may request 1 king or queen bed; however we cannot guarantee request will be honored by all hotels. We will make request known to all hotels.

Triple or Quad Rooms

These are available in most places for family or friends traveling together. However, we discourage triple and quad room accommodations because normally they are not spacious. The rooms are suaully two double beds or two twin beds. Keep in mind, not all hotels have cots or rollaways.


All sightseeing tours, guides, and admissions are included as outlined in the itinerary. (tips to step-on guides are at your own discretion)


Meals are not included in the cost of the tour unless so stated in the itinerary as being included. The following codes describe what meals are included and can be expected: B- breakfast, L- lunch, D- dinner. Due to circumstances beyond our control it may be necessary to substitute meals on different days of the itinerary. Every effort will be made to provide the number of meals described. Any special meal requirements must be made on a REQUEST basis only. Knoxville Tours cannot guarantee special meal requests nor will it assume any responsibility or liability if passengers special meal requests are not fulfilled.

Tour Directors

Each tour is accompanied by an experienced, competent tour director who is there to assist you in every area. In certain cities and foreign countries a local guide will join the tour to provide detailed information about a particular area.


The location of your seat the first day on the tour is based on when your deposit is made. Seats are assigned as deposits are received and are rotated once a day, on multiple day tours. This method affords equal opportunity for each tour member to view scenery from different areas of the motorcoach. The seat directly behind the driver is reserved for the tour director during the course of the trip. In fairness to everyone, no expectation is made to our seat rotation policy; however, seating may vary when friends or relatives traveling together request seating to be together.


Your health and physical condition are important. Any physical and or mental disability requiring special attention or treatment must be reported when application is made for reservations on any tour or cruise. We request any person who cannot travel independently and who would need special assistance be accompanied by a traveling companion who will be responsible for this person.


All passengers are insured while on the motorcoach only. Knoxville Tours is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles or luggage. It is strongly recommended that all passengers take out comprehensive travel insurance including international air, cancellation and medical coverage. This may be arranged through Knoxville Tours.


The wise traveler travels light. We suggest lightweight casual clothing, good comfortable walking shoes, and always a sweater or lightweight jacket. You may wish to take a swimsuit on some tours. Any special or unusual clothing needs will be designated in the individual itineraries or mailed with your travel documents.

Itinerary Variations

Our tours are planned a year or more in advance. Between planning time and the actual tour operation, Knoxville Tours constantly strives to improve each itinerary and all features to your advantage, convenience and enjoyment. If improvements can be made or unforeseen conditions beyond our control deem necessary, we reserve the right to vary itineraries and substitute facilities equivalent or of better value. During local or national holidays and Sundays, certain features such as museums, sightseeing tours and shopping may be limited or unavailable. In such instances and whenever possible, itinerary adjustments and substitutions are made to minimize inconvenience.

Passport and Proof of Citizenship

Photo ID (such as a drivers license) is a necessity on any tour. A government issued photo ID is required when you check in at the airport for all flights, foreign and domestic. Passports are the type of travel identification recommended to US citizens by the U S Department of State. A valid passport is required for all travel outside the USA. Certain international tours require a visa. You will be advised should any international tour require a visa. Please be aware if you have been convicted of a criminal act you may not be allowed into Canada. When planning international travel, be sure your passport is valid for at least six months after the return date of the tour. Foreign visitors to the United States, entering Canada, must have a Canadian visa. Also, on some tours we are required to submit a list of all passengers with dates of birth and either driver's license or passport numbers. When this information is needed someone from our office will contact you.

Real ID and Domestic Air Travel

Begining May, 2023, every air traveler will need to present a REAL ID compliant license or other acceptable form of identification such as a passport for domestic air travel. A REAL ID compliant license is one that meets and is issued by a state that complies with the REAL ID Act's security standards. A REAL ID (referred to as an enhanced license) can be obtained at your local DMV.


All transportation will be furnished via deluxe new or late model Prevost 102" wide-body H345 motorcoaches owned and operated by Knoxville Tours. In addition to being climate controlled and restroom equipped, all coaches have reclining contoured seats, tinted panoramic viewing windows, DVD, Wi-Fi and electrical outlets at each seat.


Hotels and motels used are of the highest quality and chosen on the basis of location as well as hospitality of management and staff. In all National Parks the most deluxe accommodations available are always requested; however, in some areas they are somewhat rustic, but afford you the opportunity to view the majestic splendor of these undeveloped areas.

Travel Insurance

The travel industry has been hit very hard by the pandemic. Accordingly, many venues have changed their cancelation policies, advance payment policies, etc. Thus, making it necessary for us to do the same. If you have an emergency or illness while on the tour, travel protection insurance can help minimize your loss and help provide coverage for expenses incurred. The National Tour Association (NTA) Travel Protection Plan is one we recommend, and many of our travelers have been satisfied with them. We provide contact information concerning them at the time of tour registration.

Personal Information

Authority to Use and Sell Pictures, Video Images and Audio Recordings: Personal information we collect from you may be used by us or our affiliates for marketing purposes. It will not, however, be sold to unaffiliated third parties. In addition, some governmental and quasi-governmental agencies require or request that we provide them with your personal information. You authorize us to use and/or provide to others your personal information as described above and acknowledge that we do not assume any liability to you for our doing so. We periodically photograph or otherwise film people participating in tours for retail, marketing, promotional, publicity and training purposes. Without any requirement that we compensate you or obtain any additional approvals from you, we are authorized to include photographic, video recordings and other visual portrayals of you, as well as voice recordings included with any videos ,in photographs, videos, DVDs or other mediums that we sell at retail or utliize for marketing, promotional, publicity and or training activities.


Knoxville Tours operates under ICC Broker License No. MC-12669, ICC Certificate of Convenience and Necessity No. MC-134519 and USDOT No. 206130. Knoxville Tours acts only as an agent for tour members in arranging transportation, accommodations, sightseeing, admissions and other services. Knoxville Tours and/or their tour leaders, in anticipating bookings for the tours in this brochure, clearly stipulate that they are not liable for the faults or defaults the event it becomes necessary or advisable for the comfort or well being of passengers or for any reason whatever to alter the itinerary or arrangements, such alterations may be made without penalty to the operator. Additional expenses, if any, shall be borne by the passengers. The right is also reserved to withdraw any or all tours. Knoxville Tours reserves the right to terminate participation of any person whom Knoxville Tours management considers to be objectionable and who disrupts in any way the relaxed atmosphere of our tours. In the event of cancellation of a tour, all deposits will be refunded in full. The airlines or bus companies concerned are not to be held responsible for any acts, omissions, or events during the time passengers are not on board. The passage contract in use by the companies concerned when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the tour company and the purchaser of this tour and/or passengers. The tour price is based on tariffs and rates published and quoted at time of printing and subject to change. All airline transportation sold in conjunction with Knoxville Tours, of which Knoxville Tours is not responsible for injury, damages, loss, accident or delay due to any act or default of the airlines. Knoxville Tours cannot be responsible for any damage to luggage, nor can they make refunds for any portion of the tour missed or omitted. The tours are sold as a package deal and services are contracted for on a group participation basis. Every effort is made to ensure brochure accuracy at the time of printing. Knoxville Tours is not responsible for omissions, printing and /or typographical errors in brochures, on internet sites,correspondence or invoices or in any other media where such information may be presented. We reserve the right to make corrections as required.